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I spend most of my time developing websites. I have done this for 5 years now, and keep loving it! An important part of my day is spent on looking at other beautiful websites, for inspiration and awareness of webdesign trends and technologies. I like to design functional, beautiful and simple websites for businesses and artists, and always take personal interest in the projects and the people I work with.


I'm multi-disciplinary

First Degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a specialization in Audio and Image Processing, a Master Degree in IT Engineering and a specialization in Sound Engineering. Is it enough?


I'm innovative

My mission is to never develop a website with the same layout twice. I try to find unique solutions that meet specific client needs. I'm not afraid to experiment with new technologies and find new solutions.


I'm creative

I am an engineer rather unusual, I'm creative and sometimes I like to free the imagination and ride my passions. Music is one of these and the birth of my university webradio is the result of one of those foolish moments.


I'm serious

I know when it's time for jokes and when to get serious and to work in earnest. Without this skill I'd never been able to collaborate with the brands with whom I worked.

Mindmill is a creative production team specialising in all things digital, combining the sum of different abilities to create innovative ideas. Web and graphic designers, developers, photographers, video directors and sound engineers are just some of the actors envolved in this great and ambitious project.

Our mission is to create great communication and to never execute a campaign the same way twice. We find unique solutions that meet specific client needs. We strive to create new experiences that surprise, engage and challenge users.

We don’t take ourselves that seriously. We have fun working together with our clients and it shows. And sometimes we only think about doing what we really like and creating independent and experimental projects.

Soon you will find out more about Mindmill here.


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